Time Clock Express Tablet System


What is Time Clock Express?
Time Clock Express is a Management Tool designed to streamline one more step of your management process, Employee Time Keeping.

Time Clock Express Tablet System includes Tablet with software preinstalled.

How much time do you spend on Employee Time Keeping?
If your company is still using a manual time card system, there is no doubt that you are spending precious time, adding up those time cards by hand. TCEx is designed to save you time and money over more traditional methods of payroll processing tasks.
Replacing a manual time card system, this software-based system, Time Clock Express is a great way to streamline one more of your management processes adding valuable time back to your workday.

Saving time is as good as saving money. The low, one-time investment will pay dividends with the hours it will save you each month.


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A Software based Time Clock System that simplifies employee time keeping.  Replacing a time card system, TCEx is a great way to save labor costs of adding up time manually.


  • Clock In / Clock Out by Employee ID
  • Add Card Reader for Clocking In with any Magnetic Stripe that Identifies the Employee
  • Report Capabilities
  • Export Features for Use with Payroll Processing
  • Email your accountant or Process In House
  • Edit Employee Records through Excel Export
  • Designed for Windows
  • Tablet Friendly System allows your time clock to be set where your previous time clock was at.
  • Works online or offline
  • Offline:  Portability allows you to move the tablet to a back office to process reports or to handle the export of data via a flash drive
  • Online:  Just log in as an owner or manager and email yourself the report from where it sits.
  • TCEx is able to be installed on your Windows Workstations allowing multiple access to time clock in more than one location.