Knight (Professional Edition)

$449.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $2,600.00 sign-up fee

Welcome to the R2M2 Family!

We’re all very glad to have you part of our team.  Your subscription will begin 30 days after signup.  From then on your payment will process monthly via the payment method you have selected.  Anytime you would like to make changes to your payment method, email us and we’ll be glad to assist you!

Many thanks & we look forward to watching your business Thrive with R2M2!

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R2M2 Basic includes:

The Core Four Features

  • Reservations
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Management

The Signup Fee includes

  • First Year Web Hosting ($450 Annually in 2nd year)
  • Website Design
  • System Setup, Training & Support

Blu3 MG assists all R2M2 Clients with setting up reservation inventory and provides all training and setup assistance along the way.