Link to Sign Design & Development Proposal

We’re glad you are here.  The link below explains our initial project terms for Website Design and Development.  Here are a few special notes for you to be mindful of:

  • Don’t let the size of this document overwhelm you.  It’s meant to be protective of your interests and our own.
  • Signing this document does not complete our agreement.  Our next step is to prepare your tailored project proposal.  This document is to insure that you know what we’ll be doing for you and how we’ll be doing it, so feel free to ask questions.

After signing this paperwork we’ll be on to the next steps which will require some work on your part before the project gets started.  You’ll be preparing an outline for your dream website & submitting it to us.  Once we’ve received that we’ll polish up a proposal tailored to suit just you!  Once you receive the proposal and agree to it, your deposit payment will be do as outlined in the agreement.

Ready to get started?

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