HR-Welcome to the Team!

Hello There!

Golly, you’ve just signed on board with one of the coolest trio’s in town.  Blu3 Managment Group & it’s sister companies all welcome you to the team.  By now you likely know a little about your new role with us.  If not, it’s coming soon, stay tuned!


No matter who did the hiring, your executive team will be Charla, Angie & Curtis.  We are the Founders of Blu3 MG.  As we introduce you to your role, it’s probable that you’ll receive a few notes here and there from any of the three of us.  Now that we’ve made introduction, … get to work :)!
(Kidding, a bit — we like to have fun, but run a super professional organization as you’ll see.
All we ask is that you respect us as you’d like us to respect you)