Charla Byington

I embrace my dork-e-ness, because it makes for an interesting workday.  As the Founder of Altruistic Business Consulting, I set out to serve the small business community in and around my hometown in the areas of Operations Management, Technology Solutions & more.  My unique past experiences have positioned me to be able to easily recognize ways to create increased efficiency in the day to day operations of a small business.

While no two businesses are alike, the principles used to operate them sure can be.

In 2016, I joined forces with the other two-thirds of this TriF3cta to form Blu3 Management Group. We each bring a unique skill set to the table which will help us assist our clients in tremendous ways.  From Custom Software Development to Brainstorming & Business Development Services & Beyond, our team becomes an extension of yours.  Joining forces to build better businesses together!